Excellent hotel
Comfort, hygiene and an excellent attention to your guests.
Nice hotel. I advise you visit this hotel
This hotel is brand new, so the rooms are brand new! We took advantage of the wifi in the room a lot, and it was a nice addition! The bed was very big and slept well.
the rooms were very clean! The air conditioner worked well. I liked the fact that the toilet and shower were in separate areas — one of the few on my travels, where I didn’t have to worry about breaking toilet paper while taking a shower! The staff was pleasant for the most part.
Я очень рекомендую этот отель. это не дорого. Он расположен в хорошем районе, I highly recommend this hotel. it's not expensive. It is located in a good area and it is close to all other services. The front desk is open around the clock and the staff is very kind. The room was very clean. The only downside was that the room was very small, but for a short trip, maybe perfect
This is one of the best hotels I have stayed at. The room was clean and very helpful, with a fridge, wifi, very comfortable. The location was in a very scenic and beautiful area. Other hotels just a little menu was good; Breakfast buffet is average. There is also a beautiful outdoor pool. There was a business district for accessing a computer and a brand;
We enjoyed our one-day stay at this Motel 6 Apache Junction AZ for a weekend ahead of Labor Day. The rooms were comfortable, although not luxurious. The beds and linens were very comfortable. Bathrooms were a bit Spartan although decent sized. Hot water in the sink did not run for some reason. The service was friendly and very welcoming. We liked the breakfast buffet for a pretty breakfast. Great free parking is always a plus. Overall, a good stay.
Stayed here for one night, the reception was friendly and quick. The room was very nice, spacious, with a balcony and views of the hills and the outdoor pool. The bed was very comfortable, with a spacious bathroom. The lobby was an open planned bar and restaurant, as well as a small shop with snacks and drinks and toiletries. A lovely hotel.
I have stayed at this hotel several times recently on business. I really like. It is nice, clean, and the pillows are awesome! Seriously, I want to buy some just like them. The food in the hotel / bar is very good. I had a problem that the maintenance needed to take with me in my room, and the equipment maintenance technician was very pleasant and friendly. All staff were very helpful and friendly
I entered at the end of the day after sightseeing. The staff Will in particular do their work and helped me with the number I wanted and organizing me at the club level. The rooms were pleased with all the necessary amenities. The pool is nice, with lots of places to turn around and enjoy.
The hotel staff was very helpful and every member had a good one to a wonderful experience. There was a buffet for breakfast and to order. The cook lady's omelette was terrific make it feel good about their omelette picks. The waiters were very nice and attentive to the guests.
Service Halemalu Konat. No frills or free samples, but this hotel is distinguished with cleanliness and comfort. The best rest in my life! Very dark, quiet room and the best bed I've ever slept in was. I wish I could have taken her home. Luxury linens, pillows and mattresses. I melted into sleep every night. We had a good view of the hills overlooking the pool. My kids loved it.
Location, cleanliness, spacious room and amenities. Excellent value for money and quality. Nice reception area with free coffee, tea and juices. Excellent location close to shops and an assortment of lunch options. Reasonable price
Nice clean hotel. Stayed here for a wedding. Lunched at the bar, the food was good, but you have to spend some time for food to go out. The room was clean, the beds are comfortable. Nice but small room work. Good breakfast buffet on sunday morning. Left a pair of shoes in my room and did not notice until a week later. They have them and send them to me. Very good!
The staff at this hotel does everything for every guest. Many indeed had a duty (bartender / room service, etc.) and do it with a smile on their face. The beds are very comfortable and the rooms are clean. The food in the hotel is wonderful!
Stayed for 3 nights. The hotel is very clean and well maintained. I did not use the pool, but the patio is gorgeous. We spent several evenings by the fireplace hole. The area is very nice. There are several restaurants that can be reached on foot, and the hotel is located in an area where I felt safe walking.
I was here with the wedding party and stayed for 2 nights. The location is convenient in relation to the highway. It seems to be an old hotel, however it was renovated, elegantly decorated and clean and quiet. The staff was very friendly (front desk staff, bar and banquet staff) and the quality of food and drinks was very good. Our rooms were purchased with a package that included Wi-Fi and a free hot breakfast along with a sociable hour on the fifth floor. The rooms were quiet, comfortable, and we had a good night's sleep.
Year-round swimming pool and atmosphere, where there is all the amenities. Great service, bar waitress and cleaning woman awesome. The staff at the front desk are taken care of. Runners and those, beware there is no sidewalk or a safe passage to the street, as you must descend from a busy and blinding road.
Always good at the front desk, keep in mind my name and my wishes according to the number… the rooms are alwasy clean, the beds are comfortable, and the wi-fi always works fine… counld not be easier to stay here. They have a good gym on the ground floor, where there is everything that you would like to keep exercising while at home. Panties are always well stocked and easy to reach. The hotel is located close to my corporate office there is no other hotel in the area that compared to…
This is a very good hotel and offers more than most other hotels in the area without a bunch of additional costs. Food is good, friendly bar, just drop the calls, parking if the hotel is full. There may be a somewhat long walk when we arrive late.
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