Looking for hotels in Boulder, Colorado? I recommend Boulder Twin Lakes Inn!

Looking for hotels in Boulder, Colorado? I recommend Boulder Twin Lakes Inn!

I would like to share my experience of staying at Boulder Twin Lakes Inn some time ago. We just came down from Pattaya and found this place on the internet while looking for an affordable quiet accommodations for a couple weeks. We were visiting Boulder where our son lived at the time. So this hotel seemed to be just what we needed, at a pretty good weekly rate.

Stay at Boulder Twin Lakes Inn and see my review on it

And once we arrived and settled we were not disappointed. The place is privately owned by a family. The guy is a former top-athlete who did marathons. I believe he used to even be an Olympic medalist. After having finished the sports career they purchased the place, renovated it and have been running it ever since. We like to stay at family-owned small hotels rather than at brand-name chains like Hilton or Marriotte because the latter lack coziness, since they all are pretty much standard.

Not like Twin Lakes Inn. Besides being clean, comfortable and quiet, it gives you the warmth of their owners’ hospitality. They never stop working and taking care of everything from helping fixing the breakfast to unloading the truck. We met them almost every day and had very nice conversations.

There are several room types. We stayed at a pretty spacious studio which included two beds, a sofa and even a small kitchen. Very nice.

So I would definitely recommend it to small families looking for some quiet and cozy accommodations.

I also know that many sportsmen choose it, especially runners, as it is located in a park area which is a great place for training and practicing.

Good luck and if you stay there please say hello to Binesh and Nadia, the owners, from Igor.

Hotel address: 6485 Twin Lakes Rd, Boulder, CO 80301-3185

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Boulder Twin Lakes Inn

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