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Mystical temples of Lord Shiva in Uttarakhand in northern India

Uttarakhand is dotted with numerous big and small temples dedicated to several gods and goddesses which has helped them in rightfully earning their name of Devbhoomi. The Shiva temples here hold a special relevance in the hearts of the devotees for its unparalleled positive vibes. Even if you are not a religious or a spiritual individual you will also feel free of tensions and chaotic thoughts. Its worth a visit!

Here are some of the most mystical and iconic temples dedicated to lord shiva that you should put on your travel list right away:

Kedarnath temple (Rudraprayag)

Set against the magnificent backdrop of the Kedar dome mountain range the holy char dham Yatra portal is one of the most important places of worship. The temple is visited via a trekking journey of 15 kms which is tiring but extremely rewarding. The holy river Mandakini runs by this temple and is the place of worship for all the devout Hindus. the temple is said to have been established by the Pandava brothers and visiting here is said to grant the pilgrim freedom from the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth. Kedarnath temple is also a part of the Panch Kedar Yatra where the Shivlinga is in the shape of a glistening triangular rock.

Tungnath (Rudraprayag)

Famous for being the highest lord Shiva temple in the world whose construction date is still unknown Tungnath is a one of a kind temple. Apart from its religious significance there is also a small Raavan shila present beyond the temple where Raavan used to perform mediation to please lord Shiva. The name Tungnath literally translates into lord of the peaks and it is another one part of the Panch Kedar Yatra circuit in Uttarakhand You can refer to a Tungnath temple travel guide to know more about the trekking journey to the temple which is a very spiritual experience itself. From the temple you will be able to view some of the most panoramic and picturesque views of the surroundings.

Madhyamaheshwar Temple (Rudraprayag)

Situated in the scenic masoona village of the Garhwal Himalayas this grand temple is one of the most popular Shiva temples in Uttarakhand. It is also a significant part of the Panch Kedar Yatra circuit and the navel and stomach of the bull form of the lord had emerged from here. located on the edge of the cliff amidst some of the most incredible natural beauty madhyamaheshwar is one of the most scenic temples in Uttarakhand. During the winter season when the temple becomes inaccessible to the pilgrims the symbolic idol of the lord is shifted to its winter home in Ukhimath.

Neelkanth temple (Pauri Garhwal)

This iconic Hindu temple is nestled amidst the beautiful greenery of the district of Pauri Garhwal. This temple is of immense importance to Shaivites since it is built on the place which is believed to be the spot where lord Shiva had drank the poison or halahala that had originated from the sea during the auspicious day of churning of the ocean by the gods or samudramanthan. The temple is dedicated to mark the sacrifice of the lord who is said to have held the poison in the throat which turned him blue giving him the name of Neelkanth or the blue throated one.

Baijnath Temple (Bageshwar)

Situated right next to the scenic and pristine river of Gomati this place is famous for being home to a number of ancient temples, one of them being Baijnath temple. It is also included in the Shiva heritage circuit of Kumaon and is recognized as one of the monuments of national importance by the archaeological survey of India or ASI. Another point of tourist interest here is the artificial glimmering lake in a place which used to be the seat of the katyuri kings of Uttarakhand. Ideal for a spiritual getaway with the family this historical temple complex which consists of a number of big and small temple shrines dedicated to lord Shiva. 

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