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Renting a car on a family vacation in Europe - how to get the best deal?

Renting a car on a family vacation in Europe - how to get the best deal?

Family vacation in Europe usually implies tours and getting aquainted with the rich medieval and modern culture of the continent. It is a quite worthy alternative to holidays on the European beaches, in Egypt or other, more expensive destinations. Especially for those tourists, who don't feel like driving their own car all the way to Europe for various reasons.

Some people don't know all the peculiarities of driving abroad, others issued a car, let's say, to their mother's name and do not have a right to take it across the border. Some drivers just don't feel experienced enough to drive a car on European roads. The reasons may differentiate but there is only one outcome — renting a car in Europe with or without a driver. Luckely, in Europe there is a vast variety of car rentals. Some companies are even originated in Ukraine or Russia — we recommend to use 8Rental in Europe. 

Basic tourist info for renting a car without a driver:

  • legal stay in the country;
  • international driving license ;
  • minimum 2 years of driving experience;
  • deposit for a car — from 200 to 1300 (depending on the class of the car);
  • not all types of cards are accepted as payment at car rentals — this point should be clarified with the support of your bank in advance;
  • sometimes companies limit the maximum daily mileage of a car.

Basic tourist info for renting a car with a driver:

  • language in which you will communicate with the driver;
  • the capacity of the car you rent.

Clearly, renting a car with a driver is the easiest option, since you don't take responsibility for the car or possible violations of the driving rules. However, in this case, the driver is an additional expense for you. So if you don't have extra money for vacation, take a calculator and count carefully all your expences. Walking around might also be a good option. There is also an option of using public transportaion, although it migh also be not cheap in case you have a large family. 

If you decide to rent a car without a driver, remember a few simple rules that will allow you not to fall for the trick of car rental companies:

  1. renting a car near the airport is much more expensive than renting the same car in the city. If possible, get to the nearest city and rent a car there:
  2. renting a car with a automatic gearbox is always more expensive than with a mechanic — if you are a confident driver, you can save on convenience;
  3. the cost of renting different classes of cars is also different: a minivan often costs more than a sedan, sometimes even more than two sedans. Therefore, pre-compare prices;
  4. some companies charge extra for the ability to legally drive in turn with another driver.
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