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In Budapest on a rented minivan - how to make traveling with children as comfortable as possible

In Budapest on a rented minivan - how to make traveling with children as comfortable as possible
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Renting a car is quite a common thing for everyone who travels in developed countries (in third world countries, as a rule, renting a car is much more expensive and the condition of cars is much worse), but in some cases you may run into problems and renting a car in In such cases, it becomes just a salvation from the situation:

  • Traveling with children who do not like to walk for a long time and consider sights that are not interesting to them;
  • Time delays due to which you do not have time to move along the planned route (for example, delayed flights at the airport or your hotel is not ready to settle you for any reason);
  • A sharp change in weather conditions (we had to urgently rent a car from the well-known rental company 8Rental for this reason — as soon as we landed in Budapest, heavy rain started and we urgently looked for a car with a driver for rent, because driving in heavy rain in an unfamiliar country is quite dangerous and expensive if the police record your violations);

    first day in Budapest
    * first day in Budapest (after the rain)

  • Diseases, stress, acclimatization or indigestion — this happens from time to time in travel. Agree, you will not be comfortable traveling by public transport at times when you need to check-in on the toilet every 10 minutes.

What to see in Budapest if you have already rented a car:

  • Széchenyi Thermal Baths — local taxi drivers for the trip from Kupalen will take as much as you pay for the day you rent the car (we paid 27 euros for a trip of 3 miles — You can compare it with the cost of renting a car on the website;

    Szechenyi Thermal Baths - very popular place with 300-years history in Budapest
    * Széchenyi Thermal Baths — very popular place with 300-years history

  • Various viewing platforms in Buda — there are a lot of them and enough has been written about them so as not to be repeated. By car you can visit several sites at once;
  • Budapest embankment — it runs through the whole city. In some places there are parking lots for sightseeing, where you can stop, take a look and take photos against the backdrop of the most beautiful and most popular places;

    Monument to the victims of Nazism of the second world war in Budapest
    * Monument to the victims of Nazism of the second world war in Budapest. Located directly on the Danube River Embankment.

  • Shopping centers in Budapest are far from the center, so a car is the most necessary way to get to the place of shopping.

We will tell about the cost of renting a car and living in Budapest separately in our future articles about this wonderful city.

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