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How to pay less for taxi, transfers or other transport in Spain?

How to pay less for taxi, transfers or other transport in Spain?

Tourists who travel to Europe very often encounter problems moving around the country or within the city they visited. Between major cities it is always easier to use airplanes, but if you have a modest budget or you want to enjoy your route from point A to point B, then you rent a car, use public transport (buses, trains) or take a taxi. Each of these methods can be a very expensive pleasure if you have not thought out your route and methods of transportation in advance.

For ourselves, we chose the service Intui.Travel — they have a list of hotels of any big city on the site, you just need to choose your destination city and hotel of arrival and that’s all — the rest of the information is right before your eyes (transfer cost, available cars, travel time, and so on). As an example, here are the conditions and fares for our last trip - transfer booked from Castellon Airport to my hotel here (use «transfer to hotel» section, press «show more» and find apartments Cala Montera — you will see full information).

If we are talking about taxis, then local services will not be a very good choice — they may take extra 50-500% of the real cost of the trip from you. Therefore, where possible, use international services that have mobile applications — Uber, Bolt and others. But sometimes you can be disappointed when you find out that Uber does not work in Budapest, but it works in Bratislava, although these 2 capitals of Hungary and Slovakia are very close to each other.

For municipal transport, the number of such nuances is even higher than that of a taxi — in some places you pay for travel time, in some you travel the distance, in some you simply pay for the day you use such a transport, even though you may not go anywhere at all.

All the nuances or subtleties of movement within the country that you have chosen for your trip you just need to find out in advance, for spontaneous trips it is better to rent a car from large and reliable companies right away or use transfer services, fortunately, in Europe they are very popular, internet-frendly and have a large network of representative offices in major cities (if you flew to the country by plane, there will be a representative office of such a company near the airport).

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