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St. Petersburg is the absolute winner among Russia's travel destinations

St. Petersburg is the absolute winner among Russia's travel destinations
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Nowadays, experienced travelers look for something more than just sights or architecture. These days impressions, emotions and feelings are in demand. If you feel like there is royal blood running through your veins or you always wondered what it is like to be close to the intelligentsia, your destination points is most definitely – St Petersburg, Russia. St Petersburg is the second world-renown city in the world after Russia’s capital – Moscow, however when it comes to beauty and sophistication, St. Petersburg is the absolute winner. 

When visiting this city, you can easily feel like a Russian Tzar in its parks and palaces. St Petersburg is home to Russia’s best preserved and most luxurious constructions of the extravagant Tsarist era. It is loaded with classical sculptures, baroque palaces grandiose cathedrals and royal gardens — see more at Walking around the city is like wandering through a living museum, letting history and culture flow through you.

Among all the museums, the one that hold a special place is the Hermitage Museum, which is considered to be the second largest museum in the world. It is estimated that it will take 11 years for an individual to view each display item for one minute. Filled with artworks of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, and other artists the Tsars have collected. It serves as a symbol of St Petersburg’s (and of Russia’s) love for art, history, and culture.

Apart from museums there is plenty to see in St. Petersburg. Be sure not to miss the opening of the Neva Bridges. The moveable bridges that let ships pass through the Neva river are opened for a few hours during the summer months. The show is quite worth taking a look at. The Neva river itself deserves attention as well. If you take a boat tour through Neva you will see all the sights off St. Petersburg on the way. Quite an extravagant way to go sightseeing. Especially if you do it during a well-known White Night. 

As one of the world’s most northern city, St Petersburg experiences wondrous ‘white nights’ in the peak of summer. It starts in May when the arctic sun stays out late, and eventually never sets. This is the period when the streets of the city never sleep, the nightlife is booming and the bet parties are being organized all over the city. St Petersburg was the first city in the country to have the first rock club and of course, the first to adopt the clubbing culture. 

The city’s nightlife has one of the most varied clubs and bars in the world. From cocktail, rooftop, karaoke, sports, gay, to vodka bars, whatever floats your boat, St. Petersburg will be there for you. And don’t forget to experience the culinary delights the city has to offer. Restaurants in Russia’s second largest city range from luxurious establishments fit for a tsar to humble cafés that serve down-to-earth traditional local food like pancakes and soups. There are countless places to explore, from traditional Russian cuisine in palatial surroundings to modern rooftop terraces serving international fusion menus. By the way the open terraces should be your first choice when thinking about the spot to observe the beauty of St. Petersburg on a “white night”.

Whatever the range of your interest is, be absolutely sure, St. Petersburg has it. This city has a whole lot of wealth of attractions and experiences an experienced traveler would crave.  

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