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How to download videos from Twitter?

How to download videos from Twitter?
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Numerous online services opt for introducing content of the highest quality, downloaded by the users.And there is a reason for this! Searching online services with a lot of unique articles, pictures or video, usually get more traffic. There are several platforms in the web that have proven to be quoted and relied on not only as the news source but as the source of fun, humor, shopping, gift ideas, etc.

One of such sources is Twitter, — the platform that has been providing humanity with news, personal opinion of leaders of thoughts, ideas for vacations and, of course, pictures of babies and cats. And if you need to download some videos from twitter — use this link download twitter videos or simply type SSS before your URL with video in twitter.

So, what should you do if you see something funny or an important piece of news on Twitter and you wish to share it with someone who doesn’t have a Twitter account? It’s hard to imagine that someone in our digital era doesn’t have a social media account, however it is possible.

Or as the owner of the site you might want to post a certain video on it but you resent the thought of growing the number of outgoing links on the site, turning it into a link swamp eventually. There is a simple possibility to make the process easier!

In order to download the highest quality video from Twitter, just use the trick that you are already using for downloading videos from Youtube — write 3 additional English letters “S” to the address of the video you want to download in the searching line. And there it is- the video is ready for downloading. All you have to do is just download it and use it further at your own risk. Pretty simple — no need to register, subscribe or waste time!

Hopefully the advice is useful! To illustrate, there is a screen shot from the article on how to download videos from YouTube.

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How to download videos from Twitter?
Numerous online services opt for introducing content of the highest quality, downloaded by the users.And there is a reason for this!
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