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Mount for your phone - Extreme Voyager

Mount for your phone - Extreme Voyager
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In spring a number of countries closed the borders due to quarantine once again. Some countries just shut down the exterior borders, others issued a curfew and then there are those countries that just ground their citizens inside their homes every time another COVID-19 outbreak occurs. However, experienced tourists have not lost their passion for adventure and they know how to find the way out of the situation — they have a blast while travelling around their home country and taking a closer look at the amazing cities and towns within.

Some travel by car, others choose more eco-friendly means of transportation. In case you are one of those people who likes to explore the neighbourhoods not far from your house or takes joy in going to the countryside by bike, check out new gadgets from the Grand Tour. It’s the bike mount for your mobile phone that will keep it fastened tight and won’t let it fall off the bike when you accidentally dive into a hole with your bike (see more information there). Feel free to use navigation, musical player or any other app and forget about the fear of losing your phone while on the road.

Mount for mobile phones from Grand Tour Shop is an absolute must for extreme bikers, since standart or cheap mounts, produced in china may simply not be strong enough to hold your phone fastened to the bike. In that case you risk to lose your phone, tab or GPS-navigator and end up without the route home or connection. Noone wants to get lost in the woods and live through a disaster instead of a nice bike ride, right?

In the video below you will find a demonstration of the strength and steadiness of the gadget. Also, in case you are looking for a hotel with reviews and proven reputation while on the road, don’t hesitate to check — we know everything about hotels near you.

A good journey begins with just one step. Well if you want your journey to be great, think about three steps! First, work through the route of your travelling adventure, or just rely on spontaneous decisions that might pop up in your head as you travel. And that’s step number one. Stay connected, which means make sure that your smartphone is working. Use it for navigation, while searching for places to go and places to stay. Keep your phone safe with the bike mount designed by the Grand Tour. That’s step number two. Stay safe, by choosing reliable places to stay with the where you will find only real reviews on hotels near you. That is your final step three. Now that you’re all set, what are you waiting for? Go!

I thint its great idea! Will look for it
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You can use this link —
I thint its great idea! Will look for it
Hmmmm, it's good idea for next lockdown during cov...
Alguien sabe cuanto es lo que cobran mensualmente

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