Hotels in Chula Vista, California

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TOP-5 cheap hotels in Chula Vista:

  • El Primero Boutique B&B Hotel
  • Motel 6 San Diego - Chula Vista
  • Best Western Chula Vista/Otay Valley Hotel
  • La Quinta Inn San Diego Chula Vista
  • Vagabond Inn Chula Vista

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Chula Vista is located in the center of one of the richest cultural, economic, and environmentally diverse areas in the United States. This is the second largest city in San Diego County with a population of 268,000 people. Chula Vista has more than 52 square miles of coastal landscapes, canyons, hills, mountains, quality parks and miles of trails. Chula Vista is a leader in conservation and renewable energy, has outstanding public schools and has been named one of the safest cities in the country.

“Chula Vista” means “beautiful view”, and here you can see and do more than you can imagine! Excellent year-round weather, kilometers of paths, coastline, mountains and open space attract runners, tourists, cyclists, birdwatchers and lovers of active rest from the bay to the lakes. Visit the seafront promenade with the Swamp Sweetwater National Wildlife Refuge and the Living Coast Discoveries Center. Chula Vista Marina & Yacht Club is waiting for kayakers and yachtsmen. Take a ride on the bike path to Bayshore and see more wonders in the San Diego Bay.

Shops, restaurants and entertainment abound in two large shopping centers and the historic center of the city. The Otay Ranch Town Center, with more than 100 of the country's top specialty stores, is an attractive place for shopping, dining, and outdoor entertainment. This open-air city’s noisy center offers many amenities, including a library, summer cafes, pet accommodation and an adjacent dog park, a food pavilion, a fireplace and a play fountain for children “popper”.

Chula Vista Center in the city center boasts large shops, restaurants, cinemas and more than 100 excellent specialty shops. The village of Third Avenue, declared the cultural center of the city, has historic buildings, unique shops, a weekly farmers market, restaurants with sights and seasonal outdoor music concerts.

More than 60 landscaped parks and sports fields are available for outdoor sports, recreation and picnics. Visit the elite athletes training center Chula Vista and get to know America’s top athletes. Enjoy 32 acres of water wonder with rides, slides, exotic sea animals and lots of family fun at SeaWorld. Or follow the links to one of four challenging, but playable golf courses. From rock'n'roll to rap and reggae, world-class artists perform at the North Union Credit Union Amphitheater, the main music center in San Diego County.

Famous neighborhoods, modern communities, start-ups, corporations, nationally recognized entertainment centers, the country's only center for training athletes in warm weather, the award-winning nature center and the historic center of the city — all contribute to the attractiveness of Chula Vista for both families and enterprises.