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How to submit guest post - for travel blogs, hotels and restaurants (official guidelines)

How to submit guest post - for travel blogs, hotels and restaurants (official guidelines)

AnyHotelReview - it's some kind of social network for travellers. 

We are looking for guest bloggers - you can submit blog posts, articles or photos! For free!

If you a travel blogger looking for a new place to post, We’d love for you to write for our blog.

Don’t be shy, get in touch today and pitch us a post. We will accept:

  • any posts about your travel experience - short or long, doesn't matter;
  • any posts about exotic diving, boats rentals, sea fishing and etc;
  • any (with normal quality) photos of hotels, apartments, resorts etc.;
  • any hotel reviews or descriptions (if you don't like to write articles or don't have any fresh ideas - simply add a hotel, not described at our site);
  • any other posts about thing you do in your vacation even if you everywhere getting drunk

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Some guidelines for guest posts:

  • Only submit unique content that has not been published anywhere else.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • Tell us briefly who you are.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.
  • Have a conclusion.
  • Should be 500+ words

Why you need this?

  • It's free - simply register and write your post. Promote yourself!
  • You don't need to promote your post - we will do it!
  • User friendly free links to your blog/site - not in bio, but in text + anchor you need.
  • Easy to post pics - promote your profile at AnyHotelReview with and give all weight to your personal site or blog!

Hello Anyhotelreview!
I have a small hotel at North France, may I send a review of hotel, some photos and advertising article?
Good day, John!
You can post any materials about your hotel.
First review (very short) published for hotel-restaurant Grotta Palazzese

Read it please if you want to post anything at anyhotelreview —

Another review is on the way!
I can't publish guest post — help me to register an account on site!
Mike, we found and fixed some errors on our site. Now you can easy to register.
If not — send us your e-mail and login you want — we will do it manually!
Waiting for your guest post blush
Travgui tour
07:39 (edited)
Wow, that is the best travel list, but i have the best travel too that about cultural and historical site in Cambodia you should know before you go
03:51 (edited)
Hi there!

I'm Vanessa, I work for Bekonstructive Marketing and I am reaching out on behalf of our client Spacifica Travel to ask if you accept free guest post content for your blog?

The blog articles that Spacifica would like to provide you with are high quality travel articles, very similar to the quality of content that currently gets posted on their own website, which you can check out here:

The guest posts will be educational in nature (not promotional) and will cover topics related to travel in South Pacific destinations such as Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti and Samoa — as Spacifica Travel are experts in travel to the South Pacific. I've listed some potential blog article topics below but we are also very flexible with these so if you have a different destination or topic that you'd like covered for your website just let us know smile

— Discovering the Islands of Vanuatu
— Best Beach Bars in the South Pacific
— Eating Your Way Around Rarotonga
— What to Do on Your Cook Island Holiday
— A Guide to Sustainable Accommodation on Norfolk Island

The article/s will not contain any sales-y calls to action or promotional content in them however they will contain a link back to the Spacifica Travel website for SEO purposes.

Please let me know if you are interested in guest post content or if you have any questions.
You can send it via email —
This article is very informative for me .Kindly share more articles with me. I am very thankful to you.
09:13 (edited)
Very Nice post!
10:34 (edited)
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student accommodation cambridge
12:47 (edited)
Good overview. Thank you for sharing!!!
17:15 (edited)
I am an old user and posted a post before on your site. Is posting new one not allowed anymore?
Hi! You can submit more posts if You want.
You faced with any troubles while trying to post new article?
Where is the login and submission page on your site? Looks like it is removed.
Sorry — a lot of spam ((
Use this link —
hakan uzgun
16:08 (edited)

If you are planning a visit to Turkey, you can try for Vacation Rental (Villa).
Sorry, active links in comments are not allowed
Lyn Franz
Hello, I am trying to register to be able to submit an article but the registration is disabled. Help please? Thank you.


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You can use this link —
I thint its great idea! Will look for it
Hmmmm, it's good idea for next lockdown during cov...
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