How to submit guest post - for travel blogs, hotels and restaurants (official guidelines)

How to submit guest post - for travel blogs, hotels and restaurants (official guidelines)

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We are looking for guest bloggers - you can submit blog posts, articles or photos! For free!

If you a travel blogger looking for a new place to post, We’d love for you to write for our blog.

Don’t be shy, get in touch today and pitch us a post. We will accept:

  • any posts about your travel experience - short or long, doesn't matter;
  • any posts about exotic diving, boats rentals, sea fishing and etc;
  • any (with normal quality) photos of hotels, apartments, resorts etc.;
  • any hotel reviews or descriptions (if you don't like to write articles or don't have any fresh ideas - simply add a hotel, not described at our site);
  • any other posts about thing you do in your vacation even if you everywhere getting drunk

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Some guidelines for guest posts:

  • Only submit unique content that has not been published anywhere else.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • Tell us briefly who you are.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.
  • Have a conclusion.
  • Should be 500+ words

Why you need this?

  • It's free - simply register and write your post. Promote yourself!
  • You don't need to promote your post - we will do it!
  • User friendly free links to your blog/site - not in bio, but in text + anchor you need.
  • Easy to post pics - promote your profile at AnyHotelReview with and give all weight to your personal site or blog!

Hello Anyhotelreview!
I have a small hotel at North France, may I send a review of hotel, some photos and advertising article?
Good day, John!
You can post any materials about your hotel.
First review (very short) published for hotel-restaurant Grotta Palazzese

Read it please if you want to post anything at anyhotelreview —

Another review is on the way!
I can't publish guest post — help me to register an account on site!
Mike, we found and fixed some errors on our site. Now you can easy to register.
If not — send us your e-mail and login you want — we will do it manually!
Waiting for your guest post blush
Travgui tour
07:39 (edited)
Wow, that is the best travel list, but i have the best travel too that about cultural and historical site in Cambodia you should know before you go