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Hotel Security: It’s Every Hotel Employee’s Business

Hotel Security: It’s Every Hotel Employee’s Business

A Thorough Assessment By Security Pros Can Help Thwart Problems

These days, hoteliers can’t be too careful.

Hotel operations large and small must prioritize the establishment of (and consistent adherence to) policies and systems to protect the safety and well-being of their employees and guests.

As we observe the one-year anniversary of one of the most horrific hotel security disasters in American history – in Las Vegas – hotel operators are renewing their attention and commitment to hotel security procedures.

No one wants their property to be the site of the next big disaster.

But beyond that, the sharpest hotel owners know that routine security and safety are of great importance to the success of the hotel operation.

When guests and employees feel safe on their property, it gives the hotel operator a huge advantage over competitors who might not have given careful-enough consideration to hotel security issues.

The best customers – the ones you want to accommodate on your property – will seek out the safest hotel operation when they need that “home away from home.”They’ll assess your property, either consciously or instinctively, and put a high value on a feeling of security when choosing hotels.

Customers will likely cut short a multi-night stay if things don’t feel safe to them.And when that happens, your clients are basically giving your business an unwelcome pay cut.

And you want the best employees available in your market – the ones who put your guests first, and think of ways to provide excellent customer service – and those folks will want jobs at facilities where they feel safe, too.

So there’s a great business advantage to having a safe, secure hotel operation.

And that’s why the best hoteliers get periodic assessments from professional, qualified security experts who can detect threats and weaknesses in their systems, and recommend the right security solutions to help keep the hotel running safely and profitably.

Hotel Security Tips

Here are just a few ideas your professional security firm will likely offer:

  • Prioritization.Every employee needs to understand that security is of vital importance, and that idea must be expressed constantly by the property’s leaders.It’s top priority.And it’s everybody’s job.When that message is conveyed loud-and-clear, employees behave in a way that customers notice – and everyone feels more secure as a result.
  • Appearance.Make sure employees are uniformed, and that they wear their name tags at all times.Not only do you want your guests to be able to report how they were treated (good or bad) by employees by name, you want to offer customers that unspoken assurance that they’ve chosen a professionally-run (and, by extension, safe) hotel in which to stay.
  • Technology.The best hotel leaders see to it that locks, room keys, and other technological elements of their property’s security measures are consistently updated and upgraded to ensure everything’s in perfect working order at all times.
  • Engagement.You want your employees to visit with your guests in a friendly way – you want guests to feel comfortable and happy, in addition to feeling safe.So engagement is critical for customer service purposes, but when employees engage with guests regularly and consistently, it puts the right eyes-and-ears on things, and makes it easier for someone to spot a bad actor or someone who’s not where they’re supposed to be.
  • Monitors.Your hotel property is undoubtedly equipped with closed-circuit surveillance monitors… is anyone watching them?Make sure someone’s always paying attention to what’s going on in those more remote areas of the property.
  • Evaluation.Finally, your security firm will recommend regular assessments by the professionals, to make sure everything is kept up to date with the current trends and standards.

The safest hotels are usually the most successful, and the most profitable.Call your professional security advisors today, and get a thorough assessment of your property.You’ll be doing your guests, your employees, and your bottom line a favor.

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