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Are you looking to make the most of your summer vacation? Are you looking forward to one of your best summer vacations in the coming months? In either case, here are top for European destinations for your impending tour. Perfect for summer travel, these spots from will surely offer you an amazing experience.


Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is tucked away amongst the stunning natural beauty of the Himalayas and is the birthplace of several important river systems that runs through India. The Himalayas are worshipped by the people residing here and the spiritual vibrancy here is experienced by travellers from all over the world. 

5 Best Destinations to take your Glass of Wine

As a wine lover, it is clearly impossible to simply imagine travel without getting a chance to enjoy some of the best varieties of wine created around the world.

Odessa Fashion Week Cruise

On July 07-08th, when the tourist season is at the height, such event as Odessa Fashion Week Cruise will unite fashion admirers at the beach complex Mafia Rave Terrace located on the Black Sea coast. Mafia Rave Terrace combines the concept of high-quality beach recreation, the atmosphere of the world's best pool-parties and the restaurant in the best traditions of author's and creative cuisine.

TOP 10 hotels in Italy - luxury and fabulous hotels of Italy (SARDINIA, SICILY, MILAN, LAKE COMO)

The Luxury Travel Expert made a list of 10 most popular luxury and fabulous hotels of Italy. Read it and say to everyone, do you agree with expert or you have your own opinion? And if you looking for a pleasant stay and an unforgettable holiday at Italian hotels and wellness — choose hotel from the list!

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