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hemilygggg 3 years ago

an outdoor hotel, ideal for couples, spend the day by boat their rooms are incredible with a classic style, I felt de-stressed and with good energy after leaving the hotel.
The first thing I did was go to the gym of the hotel and I really felt pleased, it is a hotel with all the necessary attentions and they are adjusted to what the client asks for.
I felt so comfortable with that beautiful pool they have, their sunsets are so spectacular and the beds are cozy, I felt really pleased with the attention.
From the first moment you enter you feel completely welcoming, it is an impeccable open concept site, your employees treat you with a lot of love It is everything we were looking for.
We were very tired and decided to ask for a room and pleasantly greeted us with a lot of kindness and good attention, they have beautiful views.
It is a place to just spend a night, it is something anti-traditional, for people who like to experiment, their floors I loved and the attention is incredible.
It is a hotel for people who want to feel at home, their traditionalist concept turns GuestHouse Inn Abbeville into a hotel to add to the wish list to go.
I liked the Holiday Inn Express Winnemucca, although their bathrooms are very small, they know how to please the customer with a beautiful bed and a great view and their attention is undoubtedly efficient.
the hotel completely leaves you with its mouth open, simply incomparable, its floors gleaming and the attention received was pleasant, they have extraordinary and complacent prices.
Be amazed with the hotel, in the alabamas. The rooms are really comfortable, I marveled at the bathroom, it was impeccable and its decorations were totally incredible.
отель полностью понравился мне за его открытую концепцию, он имеет много окон и просторный вход, комфортно с вниманием
Мне очень понравилось, как украшена часть ванной, очень безупречная и открытая концепция.
I love it with the place, it is very cozy and classic, it is so ideal to take my whole family for a dinner. Your employees are always so friendly from the start and the whole hotel is so charming, I really liked how the walls are decorated.
Be amazed with Hampton Inn Calera, it is a cozy place to spend a weekend with the children, the views were totally beautiful, very open to the landscape. Attentive to customer service, I recommend it.


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